Claudio Santambrogio


Claudio Santambrogio is a photographer / artist and flutist.He is active as a flutist both in ancient music and in contemporary music, specializing in period instruments, and is a member of the Modena Consort. As a photographer, he is self-taught, working exclusively with analog photographic techniques: film cameras, mainly with large format optical tables, and traditional techniques and chemistry, frequently using historical photographic techniques. He prefers to work with historical lenses without a shutter. This allows the flexibility of long measurements measured manually with the help of a lens cap. The development and processing of negatives and prints, often resorting to alternative or historical photographic techniques, and stratifying the photographic works with subsequent interventions, are an integral part of his artistic approach. His research focuses primarily on historical photographic techniques, reinterpreted in a contemporary way in his projects – including photogenic drawings, calotypes, salt paper, albumin prints, daguerreotypes, platinum prints, two-tone rubber and lithographs. He works at the Conservatory of Photography near Milan, a center for analogue photography and traditional printing techniques, making direct prints from negative to color and black and white, or using various historical techniques, and promotes the knowledge of photographic techniques traditional and historical through workshops. His works have been exhibited at the Photovisa Photographic Festival in Krasnodar (Russia) as well as at the Baltic Biennial of Photography Photomania in Kaliningrad (Russia), during the Venice Biennale and in numerous solo or group exhibitions in Italy, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Cyprus. His works are in the permanent collection of the Fox Talbot Museum of Photography in Lacock, United Kingdom, and in numerous private collections in Europe and Switzerland.

Landscape, 2015

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