Winter Saloon

Mostra colletiva
Collective Photographic and contemporary Ceramic Exhibition
7th – 22nd December 2013

We are proud to invite you from 7th to 22nd December to our ‘WINTER SALON’ exhibition, a collection by all the artists of our Gallery, at the end of an intense and very interesting year.

Contemporary photographic and ceramic works will be exhibited at our gallery in Foro Buonaparte 46,  Milan.

Among the participants in the exhibition will be : photographers Amelia Bauer, Marco Daphino, Giuliana Fantoni, ‘Foto Marvellini’, Massimiliano Gatti, Jefferson Hayman, Gianluca Maver, Roberta Segata and Takeshi Shikama, as well as ceramic artists Eri Dewa, Annalisa Guerri, Rita Miranda, Simone Negri and Zsolt Jozsef Simon.

The exhibition will be a chance to see in one space, the American tradition of Amelia Bauer, the photographer of the Milanese area Marco Dapino, the reflected images of Giuliana Fantoni, the perturbing irony of ‘Foto Marvellini’, the delicate research of Massimiliano Gatti, the flavour of another era of Jefferson Hayman, the impalpable graphics of Gianluca Maver, the magical atmosphere of Roberta Segata, the contemplation and Japanese perfectionism of Takeshi Shikema.

There will also be the transparent porcelain of Japanese artist Eri Dewa, the extremely subtle ceramics of Annalisa Guerri, the acquatic shapes of Rita Miranda, the unpredictable smoke games of Simone Negri and the acrobatic porcelains of Zsolt Jozsef Simon.

This is a dialogue between diverse works, between large and small formats, with a large variety of support and techniques, giving rise to a vision of what this year has been, and a view of the research which distinguishes this Gallery.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 7th December 2013, from 3pm – 6pm.

Subsequently, the opening hours will be from Monday to Sunday, from 10am – 12.30, and from 2pm to 6pm.

Rita Miranda, Seeds 2012, Ceramica, tecnica Raku, cm 19x16x20
Book of Shadows, To See Spirits, 2013. Pepe, zafferano, verbena. Archivial pigment print, ed. 12+2 a.p., cm 60x60. In collaboration with Elizabeth Parks Kibbey
Zsolt Jozsef Simon, Porcelain, 1310°C reduction
Zsolt Jozsef Simon, Porcelain, 1310°C reduction
Suburban Streets_2, 2010, Stampa fotografica digitale inkjet su plexiglass e alluminio, cm 80x120. Es. 3+1 p.a.
Light on rails_4, 2010, Stampa fotografica digitale inkjet su plexiglass e alluminio, cm 40x60. Es. 3+1 p.a.
Airport Signs_7, 2010, Stampa fotografica digitale inkjet su plexiglass e alluminio, cm 80x120. Ed. 3+1 p.a.