Takeshi Shikama : Timeless

Photographic Exhibition
8th November – 6th December 2013

RB Contemporary is proud to present, from November 8th – December 6th 2013 at Foro Buonaparte 46 in Milan, ‘TIMELESS’, the first personal exhibition by Japanese photographer Takeshi Shikama in Italy.

Takeshi Shikama’s vocation as a photographer began with a kind of revelation in the middle of a Japanese forest, and he dedicates all of his work to Nature.

The Japanese coniferous woods, the marine areas of Okkaido, stretching towards the exploration of America and Europe, with series dedicated to places from the marvellous Yoshemite National Park, to Central Park in New York, the ‘Jardin du Luxemburga’ in Paris, to the remote Isles of Skye in Scotland.

All the photographs are printed using the 18th Century platinum technique, a monochromatic photographic process which allows a return to the widest range of colour tones. Platinum is directly spread onto the paper.

The final image is opaque, formed by platinum deposits gradually absorbed by the paper. This technique which spread during the 18th Century is considered to be of the highest quality in black and white photographic printing. Even the paper used is very special. It is Japanese paper made from natural ‘Gampi’ fibres, which is very thin, almost transparent, without acid. The refinement of Shikima’s photographs is also reflected in the care taken in the production itself: the platinum prints are created by hand by Shikama himself.

He finds himself as a witness in the forest, allowing nature to inspire him and speak for him, in all its power. His camera becomes a means for capturing the force of nature in a frame. The trees themselves become subjects for his portraits. These are more portraits than landscapes. They are a tribute to Mother Nature by a man who has found himself by rediscovering his origins in the thick of the centennial forests.

“The photographs capture the meeting between a life, and the suggestions of all its inspiration. It is not really I who take the photographs, it is the forests which induce me to portray them. My desire is that these photographs may never become a requiem to nature.”

The inauguration will be held on Thursday 7th November, from 6pm – 9pm.

Galicia: Playa de los Catedrales #1. Galicia, Spain, 2013-2014. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 2/9. cm 26,5x34
Evanescence. Garden #3, 2008. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 4/9. cm 13,6x13,6
Evanescence. Field #15, 2008. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 5/9. cm 13,6x13,6
Silent Respiration of Forests. Yosemite #2, 2010. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 1:9. cm 19x19
Silent Respiration of Forests - Hokkaido. Garò, 2011. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 8:9. cm 34x26,5
Silent Respiration of Forests. Kamatani Valley #4, 2010. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 7:9. cm 25,4x20,3
Silent Respiration of Forests. Shiragami Sanchi #6, 2003-2014. Platinum print on Gampi paper. Es. 2:9. cm 34x26,5