Sergio Scobar: Elegia di Minimi

Photographic Exhibition
17th October – 21st November 2014

RB Contemporary is proud to present, from 17th October to 21st November 2014 at Foro Buonaparte 46 in Milan, ‘Elegy to Minimums’, the first personal exhibition in Milan by Gorizian Artist SERGIO SCABAR.

Visiting his studio is like entering a parallel dimension, where time is suspended. The lights are delicate, and we can fully breathe in the art. There is an aura of the Artist/Craftsman of another Age. Sergio Scabar fully creates his work personally; from the composition to the shooting, from the developing to the framing.

The compositions, rich in cultural references, are perfectly thought out and simple, but it is precisely in this simplicity which we can read Scabar’s style, which always constellates his research; humble objects which must belong to him in order to be immortalized in his magic light and atmosphere.

The developing process is alchemic, which gives life to unique works. His photographs go beyond mere technique, and become unrepeatable works of art.

The atmosphere which Scabar manages to create in his art is the same as that which we breathe in his studio. It is an atmosphere where the simple contains an entire world, where objects emerge from the darkness, and are revealed, little by little, in a refined lighting. An elegy to minimums, everyday objects which are ennobled in the world of art.

The frames complete the works, each one created bt Scabar himself. Each image is thought out with a certain dimension and shape, in perfect harmony. The size, always minimal, invites the observer to come closer, to discover the various works with the right slowness. The objects photographed appear to reveal themselves slowly to the eyes of the viewer, as they emerge from the darkness. In Scabar’s work, emptiness and darkness are very important. His work is made up of ‘the path of revelation’, controlled and refined, capable of reaching the synthesis of objectivity. As he himself affirmed: “I love the world of objects, and I am fascinated by the silent world of Morandi.”

The exhibition is directed by Angela Madesani.

The inauguration will be held on Thursday 16th October 2014, from 6pm to 9pm.

Soffio di luce, 2013