Roberta Segata : L’odore delle ossa

Mostra fotografica
11th June – 10th July 2015

RB Contemporary presents from 12th June to 10th July 2015 at ‘Foro Buonaparte 46’ in Milan, L’ODORE DELLE OSSA’, artist ROBERTA SEGATA’s latest project.

The exhibition will include a short film – (co-directed with RBcontemporary Gallery, Bolzano Danza, the Town Council and the Contemporary Arts Centre of Cavalese, Trentino da Vivere) – and a series of photographs. The exhibition will also include a short anthology of the artist’s photographic work.

On 11th June, the inaugural evening, Roberta Segata will speak, along with her collaborating artists, about her latest project, allowing space for sharing and exchange with the public. ‘L’Odore delle Ossa’ was born from the natural development of a theme which has involved/swept up the artist in the most recent years of her life and work.

Roberta, who is always open to hearing about the changes experienced by all human beings facing real  personal, social, family or health difficulties, caused by external factors, and thus beyond our control, has examined in various photographic series, the concept of mutation through time, illness and maturity.

L’Odore delle Ossa, unlike previous works which were purely photographic, is composed of a short film, made with artists Andrea Pregi and Fanny Oliva. A portrait of Roberta Segata’s homeland, in this project, the uncontaminated nature of the Fiemme Valley and surrounding areas are the main characters, along with the human figure, in what can be described as a real journey. Beyond the hedge, the photographic series which accompanies the short film, represents instead the work from which it all stemmed, the first chapter, dedicated to “illness” and “change”.

The dialogue between man and nature is fundamental; a single breath, completely united, indissolubly bonded. Like all of her works, this latest project represents an emotional rather than factual story.

We find ourselves suspended between the real and the ironical, with subtle dualistic games and perspectives, involved in the ‘spoken but unspoken’ position of finding our own personal interpretation.

Roberta Segata’s work combines the disciplines of photography and video with her role of dancer and performer. Each shot is an event. The images are centred on the correlation between subject and background, producing unexpected results. There is no photomontage, just the demands on the body of “being” in extreme and improbable situations. Reflections on the relationship between man and nature – made up of contrasts and contradictions, yet familiar and inseparable.

The inauguration will be held on Thursday June 11th 2015, from 6pm to 9pm.