Foto Marvellini : First Archive

First Archive
inauguration 28th November
29th November – 21st December 2012

RBcontemporary presents ‘Foto Marvellini – First Archive’, at Foro Buonaparte 46 in Milan from 29th November to 21st December, the first personal collection featuring the most ‘antique’ costume portraits signed by Marvellini.

The only certainty about the mythical ‘Foto Marvellini’ is that it was founded during thee years in which photography was invented. An old advertisement bythe company, which was situated in the Bovisa district, read; ‘The Marvellini Brothers create portraits for everyone, even those who do not wish to be photographed’. Through the generations,  the Marvellini archive grew into a vast gallery of ghostly characters.

This precious collection, which had always been kept hidden, will now be disclosed according to the wishes of its latest heirs. The exhibition will include exclusive portraits named ‘Foto Marvellini Fineart’. These prints, unique examples and extremely limited edition, were made in dark rooms, using traditional silver salt printing techniques, on baryta paper. They are exceptionally rare, due to the original technique used, based on tannic acid, known as ‘Marvellini Tone’.

The photos are placed in antique frames, which are an integral part of the work of art, and which form a single undividable object, making each creation original and unrepeatable.

Particularly evident among the exhibits is a series of female portraits from the famous ‘Foto Marvellini’ studio, which date back, according to critical interpretation, from the late 19th to the early of the 20th Century.

These are uncanny ladies from an indefinite time, heroines fighting between maintaining their anonymity and giving in to the desire to pose for a professional photographer.

The inauguration will be held on Wednesday 28th November 2012, from 6pm to 9pm. The exhibition will remain open from 29th November to 21st December 2012.