Fabrizio Ceccardi : Oltre

Photographic Exhibition
28th November – 16th January 2015

RB Contemporary is proud to present, from 28th November 2014 to 16th January 2015 at Foro Buonaparte 46 in Milan, ‘OLTRE’; the first personal collection in Milan by photographer FABRIZIO CECCARDI from Emilia (Italy).

The exhibition is a synthesis of two important research projects by Fabrizio Ceccardi: ‘Out of Eden’, and ‘Ordinary Chaos’. This research is about the interaction between man and nature, and the need to rediscover their original moral and aesthetic harmony.

In the first chapter, ‘Out of Eden’, Fabrizio Ceccardi goes to the end of the world – the ‘Terra del Fuoco’ (Land of Fire, Patagonia) – to seek a new beginning. He says; “The idea of the end has always fascinated me; going to the end to look for a beginning”. Starting from this remote place, where nature is still primordial and uncontaminated, to find “nature which makes reality fragile”.

Man is absent, but we can imagine his presence in a suspended relationship with nature. We can experiment with the idea of an unpredictable future. These alarming horizons allow the landscape to be internalized with an approach that takes us back to certain romantic paintings, in particular those of German painter Caspar David Friedrich. The poetic and philosophical idea of the sublime is manifested through the transformation of the feeling of the absolute.

Ceccardi’s photos are not just simple landscapes. They are, instead, visions of nature which capture infinite tension. “It is as if time stops. We are faced with infinity and are in search of the finite; a subjective idea of the place, which also becomes a landscape.”

This language of opposites between man and nature is the same as that which we find in the second chapter of this photographic research, “Ordinary Chaos”; remote places with strong evocative power, which photographer Fabrizio Ceccardi affirms are a portrait of reality. The geographical location of the places is not of primary importance.

“Ordinary Chaos” is a paradox, a contrast. Here too, are landscapes and roads which suggest possible human presence, roads of infinite possibility which, in contrast, convey immobility. Based on his conviction that chaos is an order to be deciphered, Ceccardi’s research moves from ‘tidy’ to ‘ordinary’ chaos, directly questioning reality. The two series mix in an atmosphere of suspense, powdery colours, and antique tones. They are a portrait of the primordial forces which place man face-to-face with his innate desire for the infinite.

The exhibition is directed by Angela Madesani.

The inauguration will be held on Thursday 27th November 2014, from 6pm to 9pm.