Claudio Santambrogio : Traces

28th October – 25th November 2016
Via G.B. Morgagni 31b

RB contemporary is pleased to present from 28 October to 25 November 2016 in the new space of Via G.B. Morgagni 31b in Milan, Traces, the personal exhibition of the artist Claudio Santambrogio. The darkroom is a magical place, the place, where everything happens. Central to the history of photography since its inception, it loses its importance with the advent of digital photography. Fewer photographers work on film: we can say that a chapter is closing.

Working in the darkroom is a slow process that requires patience and dedication. And the moment when the image appears is the biggest emotion we are losing. The Landscapes series is a tribute to the process. At the printing process itself, without a photograph. The image does not come from a negative, from a shot, but from a pure incision of light. Gradations of black, tonal variations: the landscape is metaphysical, elaborated by the eyes of the beholder. There is no real landscape, but a story told by the look of those who live it.

North, in contrast, represents a classic look on the landscape: a monochromatic and minimalist arctic snow and a rocky landscape dialogue with the presence of twentieth century archeology. The traces of man vanish in the abstract lines of the powerful Arctic scenery. The Titan crane is an indistinct skeleton, the coal-fired power plant is a dark spot that blends with its surroundings, the mooring pylon of the Amundsen and Nobile airship is barely visible. And the little cemetery is nothing but a sign dominated by the slopes.

But, surprisingly, the touch of man is given by the matter of the clothes worn by 17th century workers and hunters – socks, hats and wool sweaters that, incredibly, have not suffered the deterioration of time: wool, now sewn directly into the plot of photographs. Landscapes: A series of chemigrams on Agfa Brovira photographic paper, with dimensions between 10.4 x 7.4 cm and 17.7 x 12.7cm. North: The series consists of 11 single-leaf silver gelatin prints, tacking, with woolen thread – mostly 51x72cm, with the exception of a 49x94cm and a 52x106cm.