Annalisa Guerri | Rita Miranda: Di Terra

Annalisa Guerri | Rita Miranda
20th September – 19th October

RBcontemporary opens the new season with a contemporary pottery exhibition, ‘DI TERRA’, from 20th September to 19th October 2012, with works by Rita Miranda and Annalisa Guerri.

The exhibition is a dual personal show, presenting numerous sculptures by both pottery artists, who share an interest in natural forms. Nature and technique combine to create singular universes which preserve the unpredictability and the essence of their natural inspirational element.

Rita Miranda, a pottery artist from Todi, creates forms which are pure allusions. Rather than portraying nature, she reinterprets it, allowing worldly objects to fascinate her and take shape in her hands. With a simple gesture, they are recreated, so that they speak about her and that which inspires her. Rita works with clay using the ancient ‘Raku’ technique, forged in ovens at 980°, which turns the whole process into a sort of alchemy. The results of the work remain a mystery until the end.

This ancient technique is applied to extremely modern forms; shapes which challenge the physical resistance of the material. Nature is just the theme for developing new shapes, which are almost abstract, and reach a minimal synthesis charged with experience.

The same predisposition towards challenging the limits of material can be found in the pottery of Roman artist Annalisa Guerri. Her starting point and inspiration is also the contemplation of nature, its unstable balance, fragility, lightness, mutation and precariousness. These aspects of reality and human existence, which are full of poetry, and the will to survive the passage of time, bring out a delicate beauty.

Annalisa uses materials to their extreme, challenging the resistance of fine porcelain, jagged and irregular shapes, which become metaphors for her thoughts.

The exhibition presents abstract sculptures, avoiding the temptation of the naturalistic and the figurative. Free forms develop from a flexible language, starting from nature towards the abstract expression of the self.

Annalisa Guerri, Crudo vegetale 2012, ciotola in porcellana Limoges paperclay colorata. Temperatura di cottura 1220°, cm 18x8