Annalisa Guerri: Imaginarium

Personal Exibithion
18th October – 17th Novembre 2017

RBfineart is proud to present, from 18th October to 17th November 2017, at the exhibition space in Via G.B. Morgagni 31b in Milan, ‘Imaginarium’, the first personal collection by Artist Annalisa Guerri.

The kinds of things which provoke wonder and interest in Annalisa Guerri are connected to the changeability of the world, both animate and inanimate. The poetics of the artist are characterised by attention to the undetermined, the fragile, the changeable, and the unfinished. Her works are expressions of these views; they are a kind of micro-world, which symbolise the ephemeral, chaotic, unstable and extremely changeable world which fascinates the artist.

The balances of Guerri’s sculptures, made of various materials such as porcelain, stoneware, paper clay and terracotta, using specific enamels and firing techniques, are only apparently precarious; they attempt to retain the unsustainable changeability of things, which characterizes all that exists. Her works thus become sensitive, material, lasting and finite traces of these characteristics.  

Through subtle layers of memories, breaths, little heaps of ‘tidy chaos’, naturalistic scenery, erosion, and land stratification, the artist always builds her sculptures from a certain point of view. Layer by layer, the work takes shape as the artist has imagined, and at the same time, it is the material which guides her hands. And yet, there is never only one correct viewpoint from which to observe Annalisa Guerri’s sculptures. Apart from that suggested by the artist herself, there are innumerable others which reveal different scenes, other memories, other worlds; personal, subjective, and more or less shareable and narratable. ‘Strata, Aura, Rubra, Mèlas, Climax, Cumolo, Khroma, Thàuma’: the titles themselves of the works suggest to the observer what to look for, without telling them what to see.

The viewer is thus invited to allow himself to be influenced by the microcosms represented in Annalisa Guerri’s sculptures, and by the imaginary scenes created by their shapes and colours, in search of hidden combinations in the works and the language of the artist. (Manrico Rotili).