Andrea Boyer : La luce del tempo

Photographic Exhibition
7th March – 4th April 2014

RB Contemporary is proud to present from 7th March to 4th April 2014 at Foro Buonaparte 46 in Milan, THE LIGHT OF TIME, the first personal collection entirely dedicated to the photographs of Andrea Boyer.

Light and Time are the real subjects of Andrea Boyer’s pictures. They are inseparable elements, deeply connected. Boyer doesn’t wait for the perfect light to begin shooting; the shot happens independently of light and time, because what he is looking for is time in suspension. Through his pictures, we enter directly into the world of platonic ideas. We are talking about mental time, about a research which seeks to take each shot back to the fundamental idea.

The eye sees, the brain looks. From the union of the two comes vision. Andrea Boyer tries to recreate mental time, which appears as a complete vision, through the adaptation by the brain to the micro-visions of the eye. His images are reflections of reality, a syncretic re-elaboration which leads to a unique and complete perception of every detail of the subject portrayed.

Each shot is taken in natural light; both sunlight and moonlight. These cannot be governed, and it is exactly this impartiality of light which underlines how his subjects are always treated in the same way: whether they are a bunch of salad, or an antique vase, the light is clear, limpid and sincere. It is a complete pictorial culture which permeates each return. The originality of the view is not shown by potraying rare subjects, but rather by a new, diverse way of observing them. Within Boyer’s mental light there is everything; from the drama of Caravaggio, to the objectivity of Vermeer. In his shots, there is a total and fundamental interpretation.

Andrea Boyer manages to see in advance, the final results of his shot, bringing it closer to his mental time, creating a synthesis of what is seen and heard on the outside, and internalising it. His photographs are a meeting outside of time. In the ‘Nicchie’ series, he portrays household objects, caught in their daily existence, and immortalised. These ennobled objects are shown either in wooden niches; essential, simple and warm, or in the coldness of oxidised copper. In all the subjects, the fundamental element is always Time.

Time is also the main theme of the external series: the singular effort of man to govern nature, fascinating geometries and logical insertions by man, in contrast with the randomness of nature. Exteriors become scenography, either in soft shapes and light, or in dry, almost violent geometries and volumes.

The inauguration will be held on Thursday 6th March 2014, from 6pm to 9pm.

1576, 2013. Stampa fineart su carta cotone Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. Ed. 5+2. cm 52,5x60
1292, 2010. Stampa fineart su carta cotone Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. Ed. 5+2. cm 63,5x60
1599, 2013. Stampa fineart su carta cotone Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. Ed. 5+2. cm 60x60
Carciofi su alzata, 2010. Stampa fineart su carta cotone Canson Museum EtchingHahnemuhle. Ed. 10+3. cm 30x30
Uovo sospeso, 2010. Stampa fineart su carta cotone Canson Museum Etching. Ed. 10+3. cm 30x30