Paolo Bonfiglio: SURFACEX

Solo show
September 26th – October 26th, 2018
Mon-Sat 3-7pm

Walls as shelters, fortifications, not borders anymore; or even as explicit blank paper, gathering thoughts, emotions, art and mere wishes. Or, ultimately, a formal synthesis out of its unexpected shapes; this is the core of this research. It collects those parts of Paolo Bonfiglio’s work aiming to understand reality as it shows itself among lines, shadows, and lights, yet always abrupt; It may be found either in an aesthetic balance, or mirroring sensations, moods, a sense of belonging.

As well as in Surfacex, other works by Paolo Bonfiglio – although they are not displayed here – have a backbone made of two elements. The first one is the combination between the search for different themes and languages, and the focus on the connection between reality and its features, particularly for those apparently concealed but actually revealing, regardless of subject: a person, an object, a scene. The second key feature – also in those photographs which are seemingly far from sheer reality – is an attempt to connect to facts and tangible issues. In order to preserve the real essence of photography and fulfil its nature, the photographer captures something which was actually there – as we were there.

His work features a constant search for simplicity. He tries to make things talk through their shapes and volumes. They are captured instants /situations which have been frozen – that’s what actually is all about – that suggest going beyond, and let you imagine a story, like in “Stillness” collection.

Reality shows itself through limitless ways. Thus, each artist tries to intercept it by exploring the most adequate language. Paolo Bonfiglio’s curiosity has recently spread over artificiality which pervades our lives. For us, Europeans, a bit refined, yet outdated at the same time, it is easy to target some simple and desperate expressions of the American way of life. “Worldsamerica” collections summarise some of these aspects. In particular, when they compare – within few miles – dreams enclosed in a vintage car gathering and abandonment of villages which spring up and fall down because of business: yesterday-not there / today-existing / tomorrow-dead. Once again, the language of photography adapts to its scenes: colours and full immersion against smoothness and distance.

An exasperated colour mix also characterises the “True Fakes” collection. It plays with landscapes and snapshots, contemplated without any holiness while staying true to their representative and temporary nature. Photographic as a whole.

Paolo Bonfiglio lives in Milan, where was born in 1961. In his early years academic education did not feed résumés. However, throughout the years he attended some seminars and workshops, including a one-week experience with Andreas Bitesnich about nude. This subject is part of the “Pillow Talks” collection, and was exhibited at the “Images on the Road” gallery (by Lanfranco Colombo, MI), Teatro Verdi (MI) and Casa del Custode delle Acque (LC).